Nov 042013

Gotta say that have not an damn clue who this chick is, but one thing is for sure, that butt of hers deserve an trophy. Was today stumbling around the net and spotted her on some website, that extra big athletic ass of hers got my attention like right a way… In these photos she is pumping her buttock with various exercises like squat and lunges… well gotta say that those exercises do indeed make that part of your body damn big.

Nothing fancy with the pictures here, but these were like all that could possibly find out there. Not a fan when all the images are same type, or shot from the same spot. Well after all, who will search for her will likely want to see her fitness butt… All that can be said is, too bad that we do not have same girls at the gym… mean with as big asses, sure there are even more cute, but that part of her is hard to over jump…

Random Jen Selter Hot Ass Photos – Booty Can’t Get Any Sexier

If you liked these images here, then there is a big chance that you will love to see her in the gym training that booty. Sure it look big and beautiful in the images, but wait when you see it in the real action and what she need to do daily in order to keep that booty in such amazing shape. It take a lots of time to get to that condition and not all have the desire or discipline to do all it takes to have such perfect butt as she does. So here you go, a video that is a must see for all of you visiting this gallery.

Best Butts Are Made In The Gym

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